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Eliminate threats
Sec-Gate Plus

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Defense with Sec-Gate Plus

Once operational, the Sec-Gate Plus can check all content on USB storage media for threats, and monitor and protect data traffic between network segments. By using 8 - 20 different antivirus products working in parallel, the best possible security check is performed.

USB Quickcheck

USB Quick-Scan


USB to Secure USB

USB to Network

USB to Network Share

Network to Network

Network to Network

The best solution
for your security

Your gatekeeper - when data enters your network or transfers data between segmented networks. As kiosk terminal, server rack, workstation or simple notebook.

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Secure management of mobile (external) data drives

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Secure management of cross-partition data transfers

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External data drives

The Sec-Gate Plus helps you to control external data drives in three ways. These include the USB Quick Scan, the scan from the USB to the certified USB stick and the secure transfer from the USB stick to the network share.

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To prevent an attack, the data is first separated from the physical medium.

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The data is scanned for threats simultaneously in several virtual machines by different virus scanners.

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Depending on the result, the data is either discarded or transferred to a certified memory of the company.

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Update cycles of the
Sec-Gate Plus

The data gateway system receives updates for the operating systems, the application and the antivirus databases used. Since antivirus databases are updated several times a day, depending on the provider, the Plus version will check for updates up to once an hour. These specifications can be configured individually by the customer.

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Data transfer between network segments

The data gateway can be used as a "network-to-network" variant between your networks as a security gateway to protect network segments from malware.

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Data is sent from the source network to the Sec-Gate Plus Server in encrypted form via SFTP.

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On the Sec-Gate Plus, the data is scanned for threats in a dedicated storage area.

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Depending on the result of the data gateway, the data is either discarded or made available for collection.

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The Sec-Gate Plus integrates seamlessly into your company. Because it is your requirements that define the appearance as well as the hardware and software scope. The central module for your individually adapted security concept.

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